How’s life as a publican these days? Fun, frantic or a constant challenge to increase income and reduce expenditure (or all three)?  Whilst price discounts, special offers or buying cheaper options are often used to balance the books, there’s an approach which can attract more customers, reduce overheads and even embrace your personal values. Sound too good to be true? Read on…

You probably think sustainability is about Amazonian rainforests and polar bears on melting ice-caps. But it’s far more focused upon you and your community: making your pub more energy efficient will reduce energy bills, re-using resources will save money and, best of all, promoting your sustainability credentials will attract customers.

More and more consumers are choosing to buy from businesses which are reducing their environmental impact – in a survey by Heineken, 48% of Gen Z & Millennials said they’d be attracted to a pub if it was “eco-friendly” and took part in sustainability initiatives. 

The whole sustainability subject can seem daunting and complex if you haven’t tackled it before. This is why we’ve channelled Stroud Brewery’s knowledge and experience into a free ‘beginners guide’ to get you on your way.

The ‘Sustainability in Pubs – Getting Started’ guide outlines 10 top tips for straight-forward, low or no cost ways to become greener.

Stroud Brewery was the first brewery in the UK certified as both organic and a B Corporation – the latter is a global mark demonstrating that a company is genuinely being sustainable and ethical. 

We want to share with you what we’ve learnt, so you can start reaping the benefits as soon as possible – being more environmentally-friendly is a win-win for both your pub and the planet!  

Start today - Download your free copy of the guide now.