organic farming creates the highest level of biodiversity on the farm, the highest standards of animal welfare and the highest level of carbon sequestration in the soil.

The most significant impact we can make on a manufactured product is in our choice of raw materials.

We are a dedicated organic brewery certified by the soil association and all our beers are made with organic malt and hops.

Here, we only source the very best ingredients from farming which has a positive effect on our environment, and never use ingredients which degenerate our environment, ecosystems or precious soils for capital gain.

The organic standards support our ambition to produce the highest quality beers with care for people and the planet. Sustainability is at the core of the organic approach. The standards we have to adhere to include not only the ingredients, but also how organic beer is made, packaged and traded.

Organic farming restricts the use of artificial chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Instead, organic farmers rely on developing healthy, fertile soil and growing a mixture of crops

As an organic brewery we pay a premium for these ingredients however the market does not stretch to fully recover our margins. It is not a strategy for increased profit.

Because we are uncompromising, we source the very best ingredients, we prioritise local, we will not buy ingredients which exploit our environment, this is why organic is important to us.