We believe organic is the natural choice

It’s one of the best ways to regenerate our wildlife, reverse the damage being done to our environment and provide you with healthier food.

What’s not to love?

We could depress you by explaining how we’re facing a climate & biodiversity crisis, how in the UK 38 million birds have vanished from our skies, how 97% of our wildflower meadows have been destroyed, how a quarter of mammal species could go extinct very soon and how global pesticide use has gone up 70%. And don’t get us started about how bees are suffering….

Instead, we want to give you some GOOD NEWS!

"Almost twice as many birds, insects and plants can live on an organic farm than a non-organic one!"

We think that’s an excellent reason to choose organic just by itself (and there are many more about).

How does organic farming achieve this?

Organic farming works with nature meaning the soil is healthier, so more plants grow and they don’t get killed by artificial chemicals, so there are more flowers for bees and insects to feed on, so there are more seeds and insects for birds to eat, plus nasty chemicals don’t get into the rivers, enabling more wildlife to live in them …. get the idea? 

Not to mention that organic soils are also much better at soaking up and storing carbon dioxide (one of the greenhouse gases contributing to climate change).

You might also like to know that crops grown on organic farms contain more vitamins, nutrients and trace elements than those grown on non-organic farms. Your body will love that!

We could go on… but instead, we’ll simply carry on making award-winning beer made from 100% organic ingredients.