Bluefly Digital @ 2020-10-25 20:12:07 UTC

Stroud Brewery were pleased to support Tom “The Uplifter“, in his latest crowdfunded project, the production of a fantastic 10 inch record dedicated to the town of Stroud (UK) pressed on clear vinyl with an accompanying music video. The launch of the record and first showing of the video was held at the SVA Brunel Goods Shed and supported by the youthful talent of the Mighty St John Street Youth Ska Orchestra and Komodo. “Stroud is so supportive to artists that I want to sing about it. The town and fans there have been wonderful over the years – I feel compelled to write...

Green and Pleasant

Greg Pilley @ 2020-10-25 19:54:08 UTC

Two years ago I entered a room dripping with the most memorable aroma in all my experience of beer (and brewing  as an industry doesn’t lack memorable aromas both good or bad). We had been invited by Ali Capper of the British Hop Association, on a tour of her farm in Worcestershire and our senses had already been overwhelmed, incrementally, walking through the unharvested hop gardens, past the harvesting crew on their tractor trailer and into the processing barn, where bines were attached to the ancient, but still very effective hop separating machine. This locally built wonder is a cast...

Haze Issues?

Greg Pilley @ 2020-10-25 19:48:58 UTC

Last October Chloë and I joined a very well attended presentation in Bristol called ‘Glowing in the glass or is hazy lazy’. It was presented by Roger Ryman of St Austell and Justin Hawke of Moor Beer and was quite a lively discussion about the relative values of fined and unfined beers. I think a lot of the attendees left feeling fairly inspired by Justin’s passion for leaving out the finings in his beers. You may have noticed that we, over the last few years, have experimented with unfined beers, initially triggered by a request for vegan beer from Forest Green Football club.  We are really pleased with...

Its Organic September!

Greg Pilley @ 2020-10-25 19:46:44 UTC

Stroud Brewery is dedicated to producing organic beers. We want to be recognised for producing delicious organic beers. As well as having clear biodiversity, health and social benefits, we believe that the organic standards are the perfect basis to produce high quality products.  We want to develop our business with integrity, building long term relationships with people we work with and sell to.