We B-lieve in being greener

Polluted rivers, single-use plastic, wildlife disappearing, extreme weather – you’d have to be living on Mars not to have heard about how humans are destroying the environment. It’s enough to make you stay in bed with the covers over your head or take to drink (but please don’t, not even ours).

At Stroud Brewery, we firmly believe that if we all do our bit, together we can reverse the damage being done, regenerate wildlife and have a healthy planet to live on once more.


We’ve been looking hard at what we do to make our operations kinder to the environment. Here are a few examples of our achievements so far:

- We only use organic ingredients to brew our beer

- We use 250,000 litres of rainwater harvested from our building’s roof each year to flush the toilets

- The solar panels on our roof generate 25% of our electricity needs

- The other 75% of electricity is supplied by a renewable energy company

- The labels on our cans are now a bio-film made from wood pulp and not plastic. We’re one of few breweries in UK to make the switch

- We support our local economy : 70% of our suppliers are located within 50 miles of the brewery

- There are swift nesting and bat roosting boxes on our building

- We've declared a Climate Emergency, committing ourselves to rethink our whole business design and become carbon neutral by 1st April 2030

- We've joined 'Business Declares', the growing, national network of businesses committed to tackling the climate and ecological emergencies 

…and there’s so much more! So much, in fact, that in 2018 we became a certified B CORPORATION company meaning we balance profit with purpose.

A B what?

B Corporation is a global corporate mark awarded to businesses which have met tough criteria proving they’re genuinely embracing sustainable and ethical ways of operating.

B Corp (as it’s known for short) companies consider the impact of decisions on workers, suppliers, local community, and the environment.  There are currently over 1,000 BCorps in the UK, and more than 6,000 in 80 countries around the world.

To keep our certification, we are re-assessed every three years by the awarding-body, BLab, and must show constant improvements in our sustainability and ethical performance.

Want to know more about what we’re doing?