River Cottage

We've joined forces with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall of River Cottage to bring you a trio of beers to complement their 'Food to inspire change' campaign, shedding light on organic & ethical sources of food & drink.
This beer trilogy celebrates the undisputed flavour champion, the humble hop. A key aromatic flavour ingredient for making flavour full beer yet difficult to grow organically here in the UK.
The launch of this trilogy draws attention to the scarcity of this ingredient and promotes a ground breaking three-year project initiated by Greg here at Stroud Brewery, through the Innovative Farmers programme.
The project aims to identify and trial disease resistant hop varieties and enable the UK beer industry to become lower impact and organic!
Cheers to that!
This beer trio showcases three botanical cousins - the aromatic hop, the nutty hemp & the zesty nettle.
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