meet our newest brew, the oaty ale

In the world where new age hops dominate the craft beer market it's easy to forget how good UK ingredients can be.

With local malt from the Cotswolds and UK grown hops this is a brew that really showcases what we can do with UK grown ingredients. This beer has a generous addition of oats to give a rich and smooth feel to the beer which is well-balanced and bursting with flavour. 

The organic Harlequin hops used in this pale ale come from the Innovative Farmers organic hops variety field lab. This is a novel variety is being trialled on organic farms with the objective of identifying hops with traits that work for pesticide and herbicide free environments.

Greg (our founder) was a panelist at the Great Beer Debate, a session organised by Innovative Farmers at this year's Oxford Real Farming Conference, where we showcased our Oaty Ale - an all UK Organic Pale Ale using the first harvest of organic Harlequin hops, developed by Charles Faram.

Whilst tasting a range of beers made with UK ingredients the panelists and audience discussed the challenges and successes as we look to improve sustainability in raw material supply for brewers.

The Oaty Ale was very well received and utilised the majority of the 2022 organic crop, and had bold fruity characteristics with an unusual aroma for a UK grown hop.

How well do you know your labels?

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