The Craft Drink Co source a diverse range of craft drinks.

Their business is built on a passion for great British craft drinks and an ethos of supporting smaller independent producers and stockists. 

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global organic

We source a variety of our veg from Global Organic, a Stroud based company specialising in high quality, organic fruit and vegetables. They offer a wide range of produce all year round, supplying many local businesses.

In addition to this, they also run a popular market stall based in the Shambles market in Stroud every Friday and Saturday.

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slad valley mushrooms

Slad Valley Mushrooms grow with love in the Cotswolds, using waste materials.

You might have spotted them at Stroud Farmers market, being regulars every Saturday!


Established over 100 years ago, Hobbs House Bakery is now a household name in Gloucestershire and beyond.

Their mission is to nourish our customers, people and communities for generations to come.

As a fellow B-Corp, they strive for the business to be a great place to work, work hard to remove all plastic packaging and cut down on food waste wherever possible.

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Built on cooperation and mutual support the risks and rewards of farming are shared between the farmers and consumers.

The consumers commit themselves to supporting the farm and providing a fair income for the farmers. The farmers can then develop the health and fertility of the farm, its wildlife and environment.

All the produce from the farm is shared between the supporting consumers or sold locally if there is a surplus.

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essential trading - a workers co-op

Essential Trading is a leading distributor of ethical and sustainable wholefoods, ecological household products and cruelty-free body care items.  Our unique range includes nearly 5000 organic and fairly-traded products.

All of their vegetarian, vegan, GM-free products reject unnecessary additives.

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stroud micro dairy

Stroud Micro Dairy is a small community-supported dairy farm in Stroud. We produce delicious, fresh and local raw milk, yoghurt and kefir.

They are based in a sunny vale overlooking Stroud, at Oakbrook farm.

They farm to regenerate soils using a method of farming that revolves around biology, life and the sun; to positively impact our soils, animals, people and the nature that surround us.

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vintage roots

We source some of our wines from Vintage Roots, Their organic wine is made using only organically certified grapes, grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and chemical fertilisers.

Organic grapes are healthy and balanced and are of course the raw ingredient for any great wine.

Health benefits include ingesting less man made toxins, especially pesticide residues and less sulphur dioxide too which is the ‘wine preservative’. By drinking ‘organic’ you are also helping support a cleaner environment and protect soils and water.

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Woefuldane Organic Dairy

Woefuldane Organic Dairy makes award winning organic cheeses and dairy products run by a local farm.

Their shop is situated in the heart of Minchinhampton

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woodchester valley wines

Woodchester Valley is a family owned boutique vineyard and winery in the South Cotswolds.

They have three vineyard sites in the Stroud valleys which produce a range of still white, rose and sparkling wines. They are located in Amberley, Woodchester and Doverow Hill (Stonehouse), with a total of 56 acres under vine.

The three sites have different soil profiles although are all predominantly limestone. Our Woodchester and Amberley sites are typical of Cotswold brash - shallow soils with a high stone content overlying Oolitic limestone, particularly favourable for our Pinot Noir and Chardonnay vines. These soils are very free-draining.

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yoke house ice cream

Yoke House Homemade Ice Cream is a small family run business with a passion for producing top quality products whilst using the finest local ingredients. 

All their ice creams and sorbets contain the simpliest, most natural ingredients. For example, their vanilla ice cream is made from local organic milk and cream, local organic free range eggs, sugar, organic vanilla pod from Madagascar and a drop of brandy.

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zerodig - oakbrook

This Zerodig project is part of the Oakbrook Community Farm initiative.

"70% of the global population is fed by small scale farmers. We believe having more small scale farmers would bring massive benefits to the world.

So-called ‘conventional’ farming relies on ploughing (tilling or digging) the soil which releases massive amounts of carbon dioxide and harms the soil over time. We don’t need to do this, there are more sustainable ways of growing our food."

Zerodig is researching and promoting ways of growing food that doesn’t need to plough the earth. Rather than create more greenhouse gases, Zerodig farming actually locks more CO2 into the soil.

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extract coffee roasters

We source our coffee from Extract Roasters. They're on a mission to make coffee better - roast it better and help people brew it better.

Extract are committed to making the environmental impact of coffee as low as it can be - whether it be by using renewable energy, restoring vintage roasters or recycling coffee chaff and grinds.

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