Once the beer is in your care - we cannot take any responsibility for it's care or spillages!

Whilst transporting or storing your beer, we suggest keeping the box with the tap at the top.

Why has my beer box expanded?

The beer contains naturally produced carbon dioxide which gives the beer its bubbles.

If too much of it comes out of the beer and the bag expands (if it warms up or is shaken on a journey), you can release it by gently pulling the tap out whilst in the upright position, removing the tap seal and holding the tap open, gently squeeze the bag until all the gas is released.

To dispense

Whilst the box is upright, pull open the perforated cardboard flaps, and remove the disc to create a tap aperture.  Gently pull the tap into position. Check that the tap has been fully pressed in by our team... The rim of the black tap should be flush with the bag - no gaps.

Remove the seal and squeeze out any gas (as above), until the beer reaches the tap. Fold the supporting card flaps back into place to hold the tap in position. Pop the box on its side with the tap in a serving position.

We recommend placing a drip tray below the tap, or placing it in a position where spilt beer is not a problem.

What temperature should I serve bright beer at?

We condition our ales at between 12º-14ºC and believe this temperature suits our ales. However many enjoy pale ales at cooler temperatures. If you store our beer in a refrigerator this will improve its storage however it will develop a ‘chill haze’. A chill haze on your beer is nothing to worry about, it is the result of proteins naturally present in the beer clumping together due to the colder temperatures and becoming visible.

Only the look of the beer is affected, not the taste or quality. A great way to keep your beer cool on a hot day is to slip a freezer block into the box between the bag and the box wall, or if we are in the autumn/winter months storing beer in an outside shed or utility room is perfect.

How long will bright beer keep?

Depends on how you store it. Unopened in cool conditions it will easily keep for 1 week. Like most food and drink it won’t last long if stored warm. As soon as the beer is no longer under pressure in the cask the beer will slowly lose its condition (gassiness) and will become flatter day by day.

The rule is, if it still tastes great - drink it!