Budding & Tom Long

ABV 4.5%


Balanced Floral Zesty

6 x Budding and 6 x Tom Long


Allergens: contains gluten from highlighted sources

12 x 500ml bottles

The reason people of the world don’t have to go out into their gardens this weekend armed only with a pair of scissors is because one man here, in our little town of Stroud, invented the global sensation that is the LAWNMOWER.

When global issues feel overwhelming & it feels impossible for one person to make a difference, we remember good ol’ Edwin BUDDING (lawnmower guy) & how he created a global product with a local invention & we think maybe, we, can create positive change if we think globally & act locally. 

The effects of what we do locally are felt globally. Our purchasing habits, food consumption, carbon footprints all have an impact on people & their environments elsewhere across this planet. 

So, like BUDDING, here at the brewery we’re beginning at our GRASS-ROOTS level. Follow us to find out more.